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Forest Understory Survey.  If you are a resident, landowner, or frequent visitor to a forested area in the Cacapon watershed, please take the following survey (also available on the web).  Note: You should only consider the forest condition away from roads and houses, especially houses with dogs.  Feel free to wait until next spring to take this survey if necessary.

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When I look through “my” woods during the growing season, at eye level I see (select one):

An open vista with few or no leaves obscuring my view ( In other words, does it look like a park?)

A somewhat open vista with a few shrubby tree species like witch hazel having leaves near the forest floor  

It is difficult to see any distance due to undergrowth of trees and shrubs of many different species and sizes.

When I look at the forest floor during the growing season, this is what I typically see (select one):

Seedlings of many different tree species ranging from a few inches to several feet in height are common. 

Seedlings of many different tree species ranging up to eight inches in height are common.  Second year seedlings rare. 

Seedlings of many different tree species ranging up to eight inches in height are common.  No taller seedlings are seen.

Seedlings of many different tree species ranging up to eight inches in height are uncommon. 

Tree seedlings of any kind are rare or non-existent. 

Leaf litter on forest slopes during the growing season is typically (select one):

 Up to my shins        up to my ankles       a thin layer       there is no leaf litter

Please describe where you live: 



Have you been fishing the Cacapon, North or Lost rivers for a long time?  With the full knowledge that asking a fisherman about the fish they catch sounds like the punch line for a joke, we would be interested to know how the fishing today compares to fishing in years gone by.  In particular, do you catch different species today than you used to?  Do some species seem to be more common?  Are others that were once common now rare?  Where do you fish?  Rather than bias your answers to this with a form, we're just asking for you to respond in your own words either by email, snail mail, or this form.

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Your fishing story: 








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